MUSE GeoEra Online Webinar: Urban Geothermal Energy Use

Join MUSE GeoERA at the Geoscience, Policy, and Society (GPS) 2021 online event!
June 14, 2021
4-6:30PM (Central European)
“Urban areas are key nodes for energy transformation and climate change mitigation as they are on the one hand very vulnerable but on the other hand represent innovation and efficiency hubs. Shallow geothermal energy will become an important technology for providing space heating and cooling for buildings and other city infrastructure and supply low temperature heat storage. Deep geothermal energy may play an important role for supplying conventional district heating systems and the cogeneration of electricity. Using shallow geothermal energy in urban conglomerates offers great opportunities and challenges at the same time when it comes to the interaction with groundwater bodies or the use of the surface and subsurface space.
Urban Geothermal Energy Use Workshop: Shallow Subsurface Application
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