Department of Energy Launches Spring 2021 Geothermal Collegiate Competition™

Are you interested in learning more about how higher education campuses can incorporate geothermal energy?

Want to Compete?

Follow the link below to find out how!
The Department of Energy is hosting their annual Geothermal Collegiate Competition™. Targeted towards students unacquainted with geothermal energy, this competition is your opportunity to shine!
This competition requires a group of at least 3 students from an accredited institution to develop an informational geothermal resource to increase public awareness of geothermal energy as a renewable energy source.
Previous winners can be found HERE.
Competition details, rules, and updates can be found by following the link to the left. First submissions are due March 9, 2021.
Any questions, concerns, or comments can be directed to
Spring 2021 Geothermal Collegiate Competition™
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