Low Temperature Geothermal Workshop

Thursday, November 5, 2020

This technical workshop brought together scientists, engineers, practitioners, decision makers, and stakeholders involved in low-temperature geothermal energy studies, developments, and policy-making. A group of 14 experts from the U of I, and national and international organizations presented on innovative research undertaken for low-temperature geothermal exchange, direct use heating and cooling, and underground thermal energy storage. The event provided a forum for exchange of ideas on the design, development, and use of these geothermal energy technologies. The event was free, and open to the public to enable prompt and open reporting of progress. We strongly encouraged attendees to participate in the panel discussion and input session that followed the brief technical presentations.

We envisioned the forum as a launching pad for planning a larger geothermal research program at the U of I and developing collaborations with our national and international partners. With the expected growth in low-temperature geothermal energy systems for renewable energy portfolios that address zero-carbon goals and improve resiliency and grid independence, we are working to make U of I the leading Midwest institution for geothermal energy research. Because flowing groundwater greatly impacts the efficiency of low-temperature geothermal energy systems, and is a critical component of the water-energy nexus, we are engaged in better understanding the thermophysical and heat flow dynamics in the subsurface.

Geothermal Workshop Wrap-Up!